A recap of the Jan. 7, 2019 meeting
Posted on 12/19/2018
Highlights from the Jan. 7, 2019 meeting

Brownfield Authority – City Council approved a resolution to establish a Brownfield Authority, following a public hearing that took place during the meeting. Members of the board will be named at the next City Council meeting. The authority will be charged with evaluating redevelopment plans and making recommendations to the City Council regarding developers’ requests for the funding of eligible activities and the terms of the tax increment financing.

Extension of option to purchase land for Cady St./Center St. mixed-use project – City Council approved a six-month extension, until July 16, 2019, for developer/builder Andrew Daily to purchase 24 feet of the western edge of the City-owned parking lot for the Cady Project (now called “The Delano.”) The second extension was based on the builder’s progress toward the planning, utilities, construction and financing for the mixed-use project, which has commercial space and condominiums.

Lawn maintenance contract awarded – City Council approved a two-year contract with Mendoza’s Outdoor Services, of Howell, MI, in the amount of $106,153.92, for lawn mowing and weed control for City-owned lots and cemeteries. They were the low bidder.

Horton Street right of way – Two property owners on Maplewood (Eric and Renee Guidobono and Anthony Kontuly) have asked the City to consider a resolution to have the City vacate the right of way on Horton, between Carpenter and Novi Rd. This is the north portion of the road that had been vacated by the City in 2018 at the request of residents who wanted to prevent building houses along the road so it could serve as an entry point to Maplewood park. A public meeting on the resolution is slated for the City Council meeting on Feb. 19.

Public comments:
Matt Koleszar, newly elected state representative from Wayne County, introduced himself to City Council.

Watch video of the meeting.